By: Megan Borak

Every spring WVU ASDA hosts a formal event for students at the usual spot: the upstairs of a downtown Morgantown venue. Every year, no one really knows what to call this event. Looking on past Instagram posts, the name had ranged from “Dental School Formal” to “Dental School Prom” to “Dental School Semi- Formal” and even “Dental School Dance.” We would all get super dressed up to just go downtown and try our best not to bore our dates by talking about teeth the entire night (we ALL do it- and we all can’t help it).

This year, when I was supposed to be cramming for my Principles of Medicine exam and was on Facebook instead, I came across OSU’s MandiBall. Green with envy, I decided the most important thing to do for the rest of my Sunday study session was to re-name the formal ASDA puts on. After polling all the students I could find in the library, “Exocytosted” was considered not-so-appropriate and “The AMALGALA” was deemed the official WVU ASDA formal name! With huge organization and planning of our social chair, Christa, we gave the event a much-needed revamp and changed the affair to a sit down dinner followed by dancing at a local country club to match the snazzy new name.

The turnout ended up fantastic! The students looked great! And one of our D2’s with the second-best moves on the dance floor put together an awesome playlist at a weeks’ notice. The best part is that only one table was broken, and we were officially invited back next year! So, if you want to see what fun was had by the West Virginia ASDA chapter, just check the #Amalgala hashtag on Facebook or Instagram to see our trademarked event! I may end up taking a B or a C in Principles of Medicine, but it was worth it listening to everyone struggling to pronounce “Amalgala” as they talked about how much fun they had weeks later!

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