District 6/7 Presentations

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The District 6/7 Meeting provided a lot of great information to take back to each individual chapter. Many of the presentations we had the honor to hear also provided great information via a powerpoint presentation. I will be uploading each presentation in this blog so everyone will have access to them for their own chapter to use!

UMich Catches ASDA Fever for the Second Time

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by Riley Schaff, University of Michigan (2017)

Aside the New Years Resolutions of UMich ASDA, January 2016 brought our chapter’s second-annual ASDA Fever Week, beginning on January 11th.  ASDA Fever Week is a weeklong series of events designed to engage our members in all aspects of our ASDA chapter.  Monday began with a group of 24 students attending the Washtenaw District Dental Society meeting, our local component of the ADA.  At this meeting, students listened to Dr. Alan Mead give a talk about addiction in the dental office, specifically pertaining to how to recognize and manage addiction amongst fellow members of the dental community.  Along with giving tips for dealing with fellow practitioners’ addictions, he offered some real life examples that illustrated how prevalent the problem is in our community.

Tuesday’s events included free bagels and coffee from the Michigan Dental Association before classes and clinic, as well as a MDA-sponsored lunch and learn with a panel of new dentists.  Students were able to

Wednesday brought an exciting event:  the semifinals and final match of our first-ever ping-pong tournament.  Popcorn was popped and a lecture hall was reserved to watch four D1s duke it out in the semifinals.  Alan “Skip” Faber ended up being crowned the champion, beating out around 40 other participants.  It was a fun way to spend our afternoon off from classes and clinic!  It was followed by a group of 13 students spending time sorting food from local grocers to be distributed to those in need in the Ann Arbor community.

An NLC-inspired “Personal Branding for you and your Practice” workshop was held on Thursday as a fun and interactive way to get students thinking about which niches of dentistry they want to focus on and which qualities of a clinician they’ll strive to embody. D1 Rachael Vernon said, “It’s easy to forget that we will be dentists in just a few short years, so it was fun to set time aside to focus on where we see ourselves long term.”  Thursday also saw ASDA members gathering at Ashley’s Pub for a competitive trivia night in the basement. Participants snacked on food and drink while answering questions on topics ranging from Greek literature to geography to pop culture in two “Sporcle”-style rounds. Ultimately, a group of D2’s dominated the night scoring 20+ points higher than the 2nd place team.

The week concluded with a Health and Wellness Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Social.  Focusing both on healthy body and healthy mind, it was a great wrap-up to a week filled with fun and engaging events.

ASDA District 6 &7 Meeting

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by: Dominic Hohman, Case Western

Advocacy; A simple word that now holds so much meaning to the hundreds of dental students that attended the ASDA district 6 and 7 meeting this year. Many dentists, student and graduate alike, are unaware of the crucial role that we can play in changing our profession in the many years to come. At the ASDA district 6 and 7 meeting we were not only encouraged to reach out to our senators, we were given the opportunity to meet many of the men and women that fight for our profession every day. This included speeches from the ODA, the ASDA national executive board, and testimonies from a few of the students that have actually sat down with their senator and educated them about the dental profession. Seeing the dedication that all of these people had to us, and our profession, was enough to encourage everyone there to get involved and do whatever we could to help dentistry continue to grow and evolve in a way which is advantageous for us and our patients.

The energy at the ASDA district meeting brought us together. From learning about job opportunities to tailgating for the Ohio State game we came together as a group and learned more about each other than we ever imagined we could in two days. Many of us were shocked at how many similarities we saw between the different dental schools. We began to realize that even though we were far away from each other and were going through a completely different program, we really were all working toward the same goal: to be the best dentist we could be and to make sure that our patients were treated to the best of our capability. It was refreshing to see so many people that had a passion for dentistry and it’s future.

Though the meeting was short, the experience was second to none. The 2015 ASDA district 6 and 7 meeting invigorated every member that attended and challenged each person to advocate for dentistry and push our profession to heights it’s never been to before. I know that we all left with a better understanding of our career and better relationship with our district and friends.

WVU’s First Annual AMALGALA

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By: Megan Borak

Every spring WVU ASDA hosts a formal event for students at the usual spot: the upstairs of a downtown Morgantown venue. Every year, no one really knows what to call this event. Looking on past Instagram posts, the name had ranged from “Dental School Formal” to “Dental School Prom” to “Dental School Semi- Formal” and even “Dental School Dance.” We would all get super dressed up to just go downtown and try our best not to bore our dates by talking about teeth the entire night (we ALL do it- and we all can’t help it).

This year, when I was supposed to be cramming for my Principles of Medicine exam and was on Facebook instead, I came across OSU’s MandiBall. Green with envy, I decided the most important thing to do for the rest of my Sunday study session was to re-name the formal ASDA puts on. After polling all the students I could find in the library, “Exocytosted” was considered not-so-appropriate and “The AMALGALA” was deemed the official WVU ASDA formal name! With huge organization and planning of our social chair, Christa, we gave the event a much-needed revamp and changed the affair to a sit down dinner followed by dancing at a local country club to match the snazzy new name.

The turnout ended up fantastic! The students looked great! And one of our D2’s with the second-best moves on the dance floor put together an awesome playlist at a weeks’ notice. The best part is that only one table was broken, and we were officially invited back next year! So, if you want to see what fun was had by the West Virginia ASDA chapter, just check the #Amalgala hashtag on Facebook or Instagram to see our trademarked event! I may end up taking a B or a C in Principles of Medicine, but it was worth it listening to everyone struggling to pronounce “Amalgala” as they talked about how much fun they had weeks later!