Show Your Pride!

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By: Jamie Jones, ASDA District 6 Blog Editor


In 2018, Gay Pride Month is often associated with bright colors, good times, and most importantly, rainbow flags. While the month of June has evolved into a time of joyous celebration for the world’s LGBT communities, it is important to honor the history of the modern LGBT rights movement and reflect on what this month is all about.

Most of us can agree that in today’s society, it is simply outrageous to imagine a time when being LGBT was considered a crime-or better yet- a mental illness. Nonetheless, gay history is not complete without the mentioning of these trying times for the country’s LGBT population. It wasn’t until June 1969 that the LGBT rights movement undoubtedly took a turn with the Stonewall riots, which many historians refer to as the “watershed moment” and transformative event for LGBT civil rights. The riots and subsequent blossoming of several gay rights campaigns occurred after police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City’s Greenwich Village. After years of being persecuted and discriminated against, New York’s gay community was fed up- and neighborhood riots broke out over the following three days. This served as a catalyst for the establishment of countless gay rights advocacy groups that began protesting, meeting with political leaders, and building off the momentum of the Stonewall uprising. On June 28, 1970, the first pride march took place in New York City to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. The tradition stuck with yearly celebrations and demonstrations, and in June 2016, then President Barack Obama established the Stonewall National Monument, a 7.7-acre testament to the location where the Stonewall Riots occurred several years earlier. It is the first U.S. National Monument dedicated to LGBT rights and history and serves as a reminder of the influential turning point that occurred there.

Thanks to the courage and tireless work of many gay rights activists, pride marches and parades are held in at least 158 cities throughout the world, and what was once a political demonstration has now transformed into an entire movement, with Gay Pride Month celebrated on every continent. Although the LGBT community has undeniably come a long way since the Stonewall riots of 1969, incidences such as the 2016 shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, FL, show that oppression still exists. Tragedies like this one remind us how important it is to continuously fight for equality for all Americans. Pride lasts just one month, but human rights are something that should be celebrated 365 days a year. 

The personal significance of Pride can be summarized in this inspiring quote by an anonymous OSU dental student: “LGBT Pride Month was chosen as the month of June to commemorate the Stonewall riots which occurred in June 1969. Although society has dramatically changed over the past few decades for LGBT rights, people from all over the world are still facing violence and inequality simply because of how they look or who they love. Rather than to dwell in shame and the social stigma that predominates the outlook toward the LGBT community, we use this month to come together in pride and celebrate our sexual diversity and gender variance. Being LGBT doesn’t define us. It is just one more part of who we are. There are more than 10 million Americans who are LGBT – they are senators, athletes, celebrities, and even your classmates. Be an ally to our community. We are people just like you.”

Olympic Inspired Workout!

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By: Stephanie Sforza and Sarah Hausmann, District 6 Health and Wellness Chairs

Feeling sluggish? Try this quick workout at home. It is inspired by the upcoming Olympic games. This workout will get you in the spirit of the Pyeongchang Athletes, and give you a break from the studying. It is also a great way to get a workout right from the comfort of your living room! The link is attached below!


Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 12.43.17 PM

The Olympic-Inspired Bodyweight Workout


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By: Stephanie Sforza, District 6 Health and Wellness Chair

Hey all you snowmen and women!

Now that the semester has ended and you have (a little) more free time to focus on yourself, let’s talk about something really important – nutrition! This is a place where a lot of people struggle, especially with hectic schedules like ours, and the holidays definitely don’t make it any easier. If you’re not home yet, I’m sure a lot of you will soon be traveling to see friends and family for the holidays, which of course is accompanied by delicious and decadent food and drinks. And while enjoying all those yummy treats this time of year is a must, going back to school for spring semester carrying an extra couple of pounds is not! So here are some nutrition tips and tricks to help you navigate the holiday food scene and return to school ready to tackle the new year!

  1. Water: I know a lot of people get caught up on this one, but it’s one of the most important nutrition tips, especially during the holidays when there are treats EVERYWHERE. Studies show your body’s ability to utilize fat as fuel is restricted when you are in a dehydration state, and that your body can confuse the hunger signal and the “I need water” alert. So something to try is always drinking water FIRST. First thing in the morning… if you have a craving… if you’re wanting to stress eat or eat out of boredom… Drink water first to make sure you don’t confuse your body’s signals. Tip: On average, you should aim to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day (ex. you weigh 150 lbs, you should hit 75 oz of water daily).
  2. Rank your food: Yep, you read that right. This is one of the most helpful nutrition tips I’ve learned over the years because it helps you break free of the cycle of deprivation and then overindulgence that we are all victims of sometimes. So at events, say a family Christmas party, survey the food table first before loading up your plate. Then pick two things that are a TEN for you (your favorite things out of everything available), and enjoy them guilt free!  Then fill up the rest of your plate with fresh fruit, veggies, lean protein, salad, and other healthy options. So instead of eating ALL OF THE DESSERTS, just pick your favorite two, then fill up on some real fuel!
  3. Food Swaps: Okay, listen carefully… I am NOT suggesting that instead of eating your grandma’s homemade apple pie you just eat an apple. No way! That doesn’t taste the same! But, there are some great food swaps that you can use to save yourself from extra calories and fats, and you’ll never know the difference! So here are a few of my favorites that you can try out during the holidays, and then keep using all year round.
    1. Replace sour cream with plain greek yogurt
    2. Switch mashed potatoes for cauliflower mash (don’t knock it ‘til you try it!)
    3. Use your favorite hummus in place of a cream cheese dip
    4. Try dark hot chocolate instead of eggnog (1 tbs raw cacao powder, 1 tsp maple sugar or stevia, 1 c unsweetened almond milk)
    5. Mix cocktails with sparkling water instead of sugary sodas or juices

To add a little fun, snap a picture of a holiday dinner with some healthy options, or a healthy holiday spread at your next gathering! Post to your Instagram account, and be sure to tag @asdadistrict6 and use #healthyholidayeats for a chance to win a prize!

I hope these simple tips and tricks can help save you from an overindulgence bellyache this holiday season, while still making sure you celebrate this time of year with the people (and food!) most important to you! Wishing you and yours happy holidays!

Mentors, Change and Dreams

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By: Beth Francis, District 6 Alumni Chair

Dr. Billie Sue Kyger is a 1983 graduate of The Ohio State College of Dentistry. During her career, she has witnessed many changes in the dentistry, and, as a woman, has had a unique perspective as women gain more of a presence in the profession. She has held many prestigious positions through the years such as ODA president and ADA 7th District Trustee. Please take a look at her journey and be inspired to see the progress we have made in the profession and to know the importance of organized dentistry!

Mentors, Change and Dreams

      The year was 1979. For the first time in history, a woman, Margaret Thatcher, was elected Prime Minister in the UK. Jimmy Carter was our US President. The year-end Dow Jones average was 838 and interest rates were 15.25%. A gallon of gas was 86 cents and the average annual income was $17,500. I just finished pharmacy school and worked as a part-time pharmacist for $11.00/hour which was really good money. Pharmacy was now seeing the beginning of their corporate takeover. My mother had passed away when I was 19 and my father retired as a school teacher with an annual salary of $13,500. I was starting dental school at The Ohio State University and did not know how I was going to eventually pay off my student debt. It was an exciting, but very scary time for me.

On that first day of dental school, I was excited, nervous, and determined to fully engage this new adventure. My class had 11% women and very little diversity. We sat in alphabetical order and I quickly made friends that I still cherish today. The academics were difficult, but manageable. My parents had strong work ethics and integrity which I valued and modeled. An organization called The American Student Dental Association (ASDA) gave a presentation in class and I quickly signed up. As a child in a strong political family, I understood the importance of playing a part in the future of our profession and helping to guide our outcomes.

Before long, I was our ASDA Trustee and then the ASDA Vice President. I still remember giving my campaign speech while I struggled with excess saliva due to my metal braces. My father was very proud of my accomplishments in ASDA, but always reminded me to me humble and remember my roots. He said that he would support me in whatever I chose to do, but I must do it well.

In addition to my father, I had another powerful mentor in my dental career. Dr. Ken Clemens, ADA 7th District Trustee, helped me understand the importance of looking beyond my personal microcosm of dentistry. He explained that to be truly effective as a leader, I must understand the big picture of where we are going and why. We must learn to listen to what our colleagues need and anticipate the best pathways to advance our profession.

Time passed quickly and I married a wonderful gentleman and dentist. We had two children who we adored and became involved in their activities and education. I still remained active in the Ohio Dental Association and served on the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs at a young age. I may have been the first woman to serve on that council. I still remember walking into the ADA in Chicago for that first time. To me, that was better than being my high school queen. However, when I walked into the room full of men on the ADA Council, they gave me a very startled look. I don’t think they actually knew what they were getting since my first name is Billie.

In 2002, I became the Ohio Dental Association President. Our state association went through some reorganization at that time and we were moving in a strong new direction. The executive committee was very engaged and we worked together towards some impressive legislative initiatives. The workforce models were beginning to change. Expanded Function Dental Assistants were gaining a strong presence in the dental office and technology was changing at the speed of light. I first heard of an electronic health record and thought that it would not be implemented for another ten or twenty years. In fact, we converted our own office to a full digital record in early 2005.

In 2003, I was asked to serve on the Ohio State Dental Board and ultimately became President. I first found this new responsibility rather difficult. My focus had always been organized dentistry and advancement of the profession. Then, my total focus became protection of the public. This forced me to return to Dr. Clemens mentoring about looking at the whole picture. In reality, serving on the dental board has created balance and a broader perspective in my career. Many of the complaints that we addressed were social in nature. Now, the opioid and heroin addiction have become the deadliest drug epidemic in American history. Dentists have changed their prescribing patterns and become much more aware of patient’s health histories. Workforce issues continue to be a high priority and the ADA is supporting state dental associations who are lobbying to retain optimal patient care by a dentist.

Of course, I had many bumps in the road to leadership. I won some elections and lost some elections. In difficult times, I reached out to my mentors, good friends, and family for guidance. While there were definitely some “tough love” moments and some sleepless nights, I learned from my mistakes, became stronger and even more passionate. Throughout all the years, I remained true to my core values of integrity, hard work and kindness to others.

The year is now 2017. Donald Trump, a non-traditional candidate, was elected as the US President. Barack Obama is the first African American to have served as president, but we have yet to elect a female as president. The stock market is on fire and has hit record highs of 23,500. Average interest rates are about 3.5% and the average annual income is about $55,775. Gasoline is $2.59 a gallon and the current US Healthcare system is badly broken. Dental school classes are now about 50% women and much more diverse. Dentistry is rated by US News and World Report as the Number 1 Profession which did not happen by accident.

Now, as an ADA Trustee, I am constantly trying to learn more, listen more, and move strategic decisions to measureable action. We have been looking within to improve ourselves and our outcomes. Most recently, the Board of Trustees has employed experts in business innovation to develop unique opportunities and additional ways to support our members. New dentists have different wants and needs. They often have student debt of $250,000 and higher and want portability of licensure and a balanced lifestyle. Also, dentistry is more consumer driven and large group practices are growing in popularity. Many dentists are not as busy as they would like to be and the ADA is developing a marketing plan to help patients find an ADA Dentist more efficiently. The challenges are endless and the opportunities are infinite. Change is all around us.

Dentistry has been and continues to be a great profession. Our ADA is the nucleus of the energy. We are watching your back, helping you in every way possible, and guiding your success. To paraphrase several philosophers, do what you love, love what you do, and do it well! This is our Dream and the ADA, the ODA, your local dental society and I are here to help.

Billie Sue Kyger, DDS

ADA 7th District Trustee



Try Lifting or CrossFit this Winter! ~ District 6 Lifts

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By: Sarah Hausmann, The Ohio State University, ’20

It’s nearly winter and our time for fun in the sun is dwindling but not to worry! We have some ideas for you! Lifting and CrossFit are great ways to stay physically and mentally healthy year-round. Lifting promotes fat free body mass, increased bone density and your ability to perform daily tasks, and it improves your quality of life.

CrossFit is a great way to work out within a community. Many gyms offer free introductory classes. Grab some classmates and try a free class this week! Fight the stress of finals by fueling your fitness goals with a new workout regimen.

Through December 15 district 6 will be running a contest. Post a photo on Instagram of you and your friends lifting or participating in a CrossFit class. Tag @asdadistrict6 and hashtag #district6lifts to win a prize! Happy lifting and remember success expands beyond the classroom. Go out there and crush some goals!!! Follow this link for helpful beginner’s tips.

District 6/7 Presentations

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The District 6/7 Meeting provided a lot of great information to take back to each individual chapter. Many of the presentations we had the honor to hear also provided great information via a powerpoint presentation. I will be uploading each presentation in this blog so everyone will have access to them for their own chapter to use!

Welcome to the updated Website!

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By: Justine Bednarski, The Ohio State University, District 6 Trustee

Welcome to the recently updated ASDA District 6 Website! The Cabinet was recently slated in April and we have been working hard to plan a successful year. With the district website, we hope that chapter members can use this as a resource to see what each local chapter has been accomplishing this year, along with updates from National ASDA. We plan to have updated blogs about health/wellness, advocacy efforts, and local chapter events. If you are interested in writing about your local chapter, or have any interesting dental topics to blog about, please feel free to send contributions to our Website Chair, Samantha Lindsey at . #ASDAfever

UMich Catches ASDA Fever for the Second Time

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by Riley Schaff, University of Michigan (2017)

Aside the New Years Resolutions of UMich ASDA, January 2016 brought our chapter’s second-annual ASDA Fever Week, beginning on January 11th.  ASDA Fever Week is a weeklong series of events designed to engage our members in all aspects of our ASDA chapter.  Monday began with a group of 24 students attending the Washtenaw District Dental Society meeting, our local component of the ADA.  At this meeting, students listened to Dr. Alan Mead give a talk about addiction in the dental office, specifically pertaining to how to recognize and manage addiction amongst fellow members of the dental community.  Along with giving tips for dealing with fellow practitioners’ addictions, he offered some real life examples that illustrated how prevalent the problem is in our community.

Tuesday’s events included free bagels and coffee from the Michigan Dental Association before classes and clinic, as well as a MDA-sponsored lunch and learn with a panel of new dentists.  Students were able to

Wednesday brought an exciting event:  the semifinals and final match of our first-ever ping-pong tournament.  Popcorn was popped and a lecture hall was reserved to watch four D1s duke it out in the semifinals.  Alan “Skip” Faber ended up being crowned the champion, beating out around 40 other participants.  It was a fun way to spend our afternoon off from classes and clinic!  It was followed by a group of 13 students spending time sorting food from local grocers to be distributed to those in need in the Ann Arbor community.

An NLC-inspired “Personal Branding for you and your Practice” workshop was held on Thursday as a fun and interactive way to get students thinking about which niches of dentistry they want to focus on and which qualities of a clinician they’ll strive to embody. D1 Rachael Vernon said, “It’s easy to forget that we will be dentists in just a few short years, so it was fun to set time aside to focus on where we see ourselves long term.”  Thursday also saw ASDA members gathering at Ashley’s Pub for a competitive trivia night in the basement. Participants snacked on food and drink while answering questions on topics ranging from Greek literature to geography to pop culture in two “Sporcle”-style rounds. Ultimately, a group of D2’s dominated the night scoring 20+ points higher than the 2nd place team.

The week concluded with a Health and Wellness Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Social.  Focusing both on healthy body and healthy mind, it was a great wrap-up to a week filled with fun and engaging events.