ASDA District 6 &7 Meeting

By October 5, 2015Advocacy, events

by: Dominic Hohman, Case Western

Advocacy; A simple word that now holds so much meaning to the hundreds of dental students that attended the ASDA district 6 and 7 meeting this year. Many dentists, student and graduate alike, are unaware of the crucial role that we can play in changing our profession in the many years to come. At the ASDA district 6 and 7 meeting we were not only encouraged to reach out to our senators, we were given the opportunity to meet many of the men and women that fight for our profession every day. This included speeches from the ODA, the ASDA national executive board, and testimonies from a few of the students that have actually sat down with their senator and educated them about the dental profession. Seeing the dedication that all of these people had to us, and our profession, was enough to encourage everyone there to get involved and do whatever we could to help dentistry continue to grow and evolve in a way which is advantageous for us and our patients.

The energy at the ASDA district meeting brought us together. From learning about job opportunities to tailgating for the Ohio State game we came together as a group and learned more about each other than we ever imagined we could in two days. Many of us were shocked at how many similarities we saw between the different dental schools. We began to realize that even though we were far away from each other and were going through a completely different program, we really were all working toward the same goal: to be the best dentist we could be and to make sure that our patients were treated to the best of our capability. It was refreshing to see so many people that had a passion for dentistry and it’s future.

Though the meeting was short, the experience was second to none. The 2015 ASDA district 6 and 7 meeting invigorated every member that attended and challenged each person to advocate for dentistry and push our profession to heights it’s never been to before. I know that we all left with a better understanding of our career and better relationship with our district and friends.

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